Activate Your Dreams! April 2022 Motivational Astrology Forecast

April 2022 Motivational Astrology Forecast

GiGi Sosnoski
15 min readMar 31, 2022

Activate Your Dreams!

Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it!” — Goethe

Okay, so it’s been a tough few years! We’ve dealt with unprecedented situations, circumstances, feelings and emotions that have been difficult and debilitating. But as we move into a new season, perhaps a new era of healing, it’s time to consider the impact of our experiences and how we can renew, rebuild and restore our dreams. Now is the time to activate our dreams!

This new month is all about beginnings. The weeks ahead encourage us to realign with our vision of what we wish to create for our future! It’s a time of moving forward and realizing the power of our dreams and their ability to shape our world. As we are constantly creating our personal journey through our thoughts, emotions and actions, envisioning what we’d like to bring to life is the first step toward making it happen. The weeks ahead encourage us to believe in our dreams and then summon the will to achieve them!

April is an especially powerful occasion for energizing our aspirations and bringing to light all that we hope and desire. A once-in-166 years event of a Jupiter-Neptune coming together in the mystical sign of Pisces supports us in imagining and creating greater beauty, blessings, love and healing for one another and our world! Also, as the asteroid Goddess Phallus Athene moves into Taurus, we tap into a new chapter of creative intelligence and wisdom, helping us to secure the know-how to advance our goals. With a mixture of liberating Aquarian energy and perceptive Pisces panache this month (and with Venus and Mars also in this dream-making water sign), the weeks ahead bring us the ability to tap into magical thinking while realizing the power to actualize our dreams!

What’s in store for YOU this month? How can you make the most of the upcoming Astrological transits to pursue your dreams and the creation of a beautiful future? Here’s my Motivational Astrology Forecast for April 2022:

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* 1 April 2022: New Moon in Aries — Looking Ahead! Today marks a powerful occasion for taking action and advancing our intentions! New Moons represent the dawning of fresh innovations, game-changing directions and revitalized beginnings — and in the Fire sign of Aries this energy is explosive! Now and for the next few days we are stimulated to move forward, break out of our shells and embark on spirited adventures! This current Lunar light motivates us to embrace self-assurance, enhanced vitality and the courage to alter our routines in order to pursue our creative dreams! Use this important celestial event to get your objectives sorted while honouring your independence and liberating yourself from restrictions. Allow this opportunity to empower You, heal you, urge you onward toward your visions and align You with positive progress! :-) Look Ahead: Your Future Is Bright! :-) New Moon Blessings to YOU! New Moon 11° Aries Times*: Where are YOU?: New Zealand: 1 April 7:26pm; New York: 1 April 2:26am; Chicago: 1 April 1:26am; Los Angeles: 31 March 11:26pm; Sydney: 1 April 5:26pm; Mexico City: 1 April 12:26am; Buenos Aires: ;1 April 3:26am London: 1 April 7:26am; Zurich: 1 April 8:26am; Santorini: 1 April 9:26am; Singapore: 1 April 2:26pm; Hong Kong: 1 April 2:26pm; Cape Town: 1 April 8:26am; New Delhi: 1 April 11:56am(IST); Moscow: 1 April 9:26am; Dubai: 1 April 10:26am.

* 6 April 2022 (5 April in Europe and U.S.A.): Venus goes into Pisces — Love Transcends All! As the “Goddess of Love” planet now enters her exaltation in the sensitive and ethereal sign of Pisces, we embrace a new opportunity to transcend the ordinary, heal past hurts and elevate our feelings of affection! A wonderful occasion for fresh starts and new beginnings for ourselves and our relationships! Romantic, intuitive and creative energy draws us together now, while our connections with others open us to greater manifestations of beauty, imagination and inspiration! Universal love, higher minded awareness, sympathetic compassion and heart-centered empathy are the keys to finding mutual understanding at this time. If we are gentle with ourselves and one another we can look beyond the differences that inspire conflicts and find the unity within! We are: One Love, One Heart! Venus Blessings to YOU! Venus will be in Pisces until 3 May.

* 11 April 2022 (10 April in U.S.A.): Mercury goes into Taurus — Cultivating Cozy! Starting today the planet of communication moves into the pleasure-seeking sign of Taurus, bringing focus to issues of comfort, enjoyment and security! Our interactions with others are more relaxed, affectionate and agreeable — perhaps because we’re better listeners at this time (!) With common-sense and down-to-earth expression highlighted, we learn best by demonstration and practical application. This is an occasion when our senses are heightened — the taste, touch, sound and visual perceptions of all that surrounds us is magnified — helping our feeling natures to emerge! This can be a lovely occasion for gaining greater awareness and understanding of our sensitive and sensual side. Use this energy to tap into your Earthy wisdom, express your creative ideas, ponder your prosperous future or share your heart-felt thoughts with loved ones! Go ahead: Snuggle in! Mercury Blessings to YOU! Mercury will be in Taurus until 30 April.

* 13 April 2022 (12 April in Europe and U.S.A.): Jupiter and Neptune align in Pisces — Magical Manifestations! This important conjunction of Jupiter, the planet ruling growth and opportunity with Neptune, ruling dreams and visions, may indicate a powerful time for making our dreams come true! This is a one-off transit as it doesn’t repeat two more times like other outer planet connections do. This brings forth a time of idealism, the manifestation of visions and beautiful, other-worldly creations. Expanded faith, greater artistry and a feeling that anything is possible is highlighted. This transit can be helpful in dissolving limitations, make a positive impact to our relationships and grow our spiritual callings. This conjunction is associated with magnifying our psychic abilities, sensitivities and humanitarian feelings of compassion. However, we are not the most practical at this time and may seek a more dreamed-about/imaginary lifestyle along with feelings of restlessness. Its important to keep very realistic and grounded during this transit. Caution is also advised on major legal or financial dealings — don’t ignore details! Keep expectations in check, don’t take impulsive risks and definitely watch substance abuse. This can be a magical occasion, but just keep in close contact with reality too! Jupiter-Neptune Blessings to YOU!

* 15 April 2022 (14 April in U.S.A.): Mars goes into Pisces — Making Dreams Come True! With the planet Mars ruling our desires, drive and determination pairing up with the mystical and imaginative sign of Pisces, we embark on a period of greater spiritual, artistic and intuitive exploration. The weeks ahead give us the opportunity to “dream our lives” in a new direction, expressing greater sensitivity and compassion toward ourselves and others. It’s also a magical time for musical or artistic activity, or any type of expressive movement. We are more idealistic, sensitive and feeling during this transit, allowing greater magic and manifestations to enter our lives! Begin the process of materializing your dreams — bringing those visions of what you want your life to be, into reality! Mars Blessings to YOU! Mars will be in Pisces until 25 May.

* 17 April 2022 (16 April in Europe and U.S.A.): Full Moon in Libra — Connections Illuminated! As the Full Moon, representing culmination, in the harmonizing sign of Libra lights up our skies, we are reminded to honour the balance of our body, mild and spirit. If one area is off kilter, the others will be as well. This is a time of heightened energy, strong emotions and much activity that can last up to a week. Although a Full Moon technically only lasts at the time the Sun and Moon — when they are in opposition — it’s effects can be felt three before and three days after. This gives you a wide window of opportunity to tap into that Lunar energy! Connections with others, all relationship issues, expressing our feelings, working toward harmony and finding commonality are all highlighted at this time! Its an important occasion for casting off what does not bring you a sense of peace, balance or that does not offer feelings of beauty or love. Full Moon Blessings to YOU! *Full Moon 26° Libra Times*: Where are YOU?: New Zealand: 17 April 6:56am; New York: 16 April 2:56pm; Chicago: 16 April 1:56pm; Los Angeles: 16 April 11:56am; Sydney: 17 April 4:56am; Mexico City: 16 April 1:56pm; Buenos Aires: 16 April 3:56pm; London: 16 April 7:56pm; Zurich: 16 April 8:56pm; Santorini: 16 April 9:56pm; Singapore: 17 April 2:56am; Hong Kong: 17 April 2:56am; Cape Town: 16 April 8:56pm; New Delhi: 17 April 12:56(IST); Moscow: 16 April 9:56pm; Dubai: 16 April 10:56pm.

* 20 April 2022 (19th in U.S.A.): Sun goes into Taurus — Beautiful You, Beautiful World! Welcome a new Solar cycle — bringing us more strength and steady determination to advance our dreams and grow our creative visions! As the Sun now moves into earthy Taurus, we acquire further feelings of affection, appreciation, loving expression and additional enjoyment of all creature comforts! Our ability to savour the magical moments of life, acknowledging the delights around us, allows our beautiful imaginations to summon greater artistry! We’ll experience greater appreciation of the natural grace our our surroundings and Mother Nature and we’ll be reminded of the simple pleasures of life. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and all around us spring countless examples of the loveliness of our world! We can now seek out and find greater comfort, creativity and cooperation. Allow this uplifting new cycle of attraction, beauty and bounty to bring YOU happy occasions and enjoyable rewards! Solar Blessings to YOU! The Sun will be in Taurus until 20–21 May.

* 30 April 2022 (29 April in Europe and U.S.A.): Pluto in Capricorn goes Retrograde — Serious Restructuring! As the planet of Transformation continues its long journey through this sober Earth sign, it starts a Retrograde cycle from 30 April to 8 October 2022. This is a time when we are readdressing serious issues in our lives as we seek to make positive changes to ourselves, our leaders and our world. The overall theme of this cycle is uncovering the misuse of power, greed and corruption to bring reform and grow our overall progress. It represents a major time of restructuring, review and reconsideration that brings transformation to our society, government, world order and Mother Earth. It also pushes us to think about the changes we want to make to our belief structures and our power as individuals and as a whole. Pluto Blessings to You! Pluto will be going Direct on 3 October 2021 will be going back and forth in Capricorn until 20 November 2024.

* 30 April 2022 (29 April in Europe and U.S.A.): Mercury goes into Gemini — Express Yourself! The planet governing our thoughts, expression and interactions now moves into its ruling sign of Gemini! This brings us enhanced awareness of the power of our thoughts and self-expression. How we think, communicate and share our ideas and feelings makes an impact on what we achieve. This is the start of a lengthy cycle urging us toward greater reasoning, conscious understanding and inspired ways of manifesting our future! Gemini governs all verbalization, knowledge, information and our personal point of view. With Mercury working with this eloquent and witty Air sign, we are shown that what we believe about ourselves and our lives makes it so! This is a great opportunity to readdress what excites our minds, lifts our spirits and prompts affirming perspective. Find clarity on the issues that concern you while being mindful of your thought-forms and their consequences. Consider what outcome can be achieved by declaring more peace, harmony and positivity in our hearts. By upholding encouraging and productive outlooks, we construct a better reality for all while honouring the magic of creation within us! Mercury Blessings to You! Mercury will be in Gemini until 6 July (after going through retrograde cycle from 10 May to 3 June).

* 30 April 2022: Asteroid Phallus Athene moves into Taurus — Working with our Senses! Asteroids are another interesting and important part of Astrology, along with the planets of course. Asteroids can give additional insight into our lives and our birth charts. Phallus Athene, one of the most well-known Goddesses in Greek mythology, was worshiped throughout Greece where many temples were constructed in her name. She represents wisdom, creative learning, healing, the arts and strategical thinking. Where she is located in your chart can also show you the life areas where your healing talents can be expressed and where your intellectual and creative potential can flourish. With the Goddess Phallus Athene moving into Taurus, the sign ruling beauty and enjoyment, we tap into a new chapter of creative intelligence and wisdom. This is a new cycle that can help us to secure the know-how to advance our goals. We can find that our senses are heightened as the touch, fragrance, sounds and visions of life are further activated. Also emphasized now are our values, finances and feelings of greater appreciation and pleasure. Additionally, environmental issues, finding solutions to combat climate change or ways to support nature and our surroundings can be emphasized. Phallus Athene Blessings to YOU!

* 1 May 2022 (30th in Europe and U.S.A.) — New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus — Renew Your Beliefs! As we welcome a New Moon, a time of beginnings, in the sign ruling pleasure and enjoyment, we can create more happiness and opportunity to our lives! This is also the occasion of a Partial Solar Eclipse! Eclipses occur when the Sun, Moon and Earth come into alignment, and denote times of important metamorphosis. Be it personal or world events, these stellar occasions reveal areas requiring attention, alterations, re-working or releasing in order for us to move ahead with greater passion and purpose. Eclipses challenge us to be more conscious of our thoughts, aware of our actions and mindful of what we are doing with our lives. As we change our focus, our outlook and world changes also! We now have the opportunity to renew our beliefs and feelings about ourselves and our Universe. Greater intuitive, spiritual and creative energies emerge to assist us in advancing our visions. Artistry and spiritual expression can be brought forward as we revitalize ourselves, using more of our imagination and feeling natures. The total Solar Eclipse strongly emphasizes the Taurus New Moon energy, signaling a new pleasurable focus in our lives and bringing to light new truths that we can then translate into power for positive change! New Moon Blessings! (Details on this and other Astrological energies will be outlined in my May forecast!)

* The Outer Planets stay in a sign for a longer period of time, so their effect on us is more gradual, but significant none the less. Here they are in their current positions:

* Jupiter is in Pisces: Jupiter, the “Fairy Godmother’ planet has just moved into the sensitive and ethereal sign of Pisces. This marks a progressive period of expanded feeling, greater sensitivity and higher creative/mystical inspiration! It is also a time of further philanthropic outlooks, humanitarian efforts and feelings of ‘Oneness’ with the Universe! This is a period emphasizing our care of one another, greater equality, the breaking down of barriers and the growth of our spiritual awareness. We are encouraged to grow our intuitive natures and embark on holistic endeavours and look to greater healing — of ourselves and others. This compatible Jupiter/Pisces pairing increases our artistic awareness, philosophical expressions and the need to serve the world by sharing our feelings of love and care with one another. There will be an increased awareness of social justice, equal rights and improvements in wide ranging humanistic projects. As Jupiter moves through sympathetic Pisces, we’ll experience a “New Age” feeling of spiritual growth and the chance to make positive changes in how we view ourselves, each other and our world. We now have the opportunity to be more aware of the positive effect that we can manifest in our own lives while also being cognizant of the suffering of others and what we can do to liberate the oppressed. Jupiter will be in Pisces until 11 May 2022.

* Saturn is in Aquarius: As Saturn, the planet representing responsibility, maturity and structure now traveling through the liberating sign of Aquarius, we’ll experience further concern for our society, each other and our life on Earth. Greater humanitarian, socially empathetic and altruistic endeavours will be forthcoming. This cycle will focus on gaining awareness of the importance of each individual, cultivating greater tolerance, broad-mindedness, liberalism and working toward a collective consciousness — shared beliefs and attributes that can unite us rather than divide us. A detachment from the old ways of doing things in favour of new innovation will also be seen. Additionally, new technological, medical and scientific advances will will mark this period along with new methods of working toward the betterment of society. Saturn is a teacher — helping us to grow through past mistakes, failures and hardships. By using the knowledge that we gain from these experiences, we can acquire greater wisdom, self awareness, patience and finally, advancement. Saturn will remain in Aquarius until 7 March 2023.

* Uranus is Taurus: The planet signifying change, revolution and innovation, is transiting through the sign of Taurus, which represents its opposite — stability, assurance and safeguarding! For the years ahead this Uranus/Taurus pairing will highlight liberation from the customary way of doing things in favor of new methods and inventive techniques. Also, as Taurus rules our personal values, creativity, material goods, finances, food and general enjoyment, we will see new innovations in these areas. Uranus in Taurus brings new light to the way we handle our resources, material wealth, mother nature, and investment interests. During this transit, we can expect a new wave of economic innovation helping us to focus on being more authentic and practical in our approach to things. We will also experience further shifting themes on how we view stability. More change will certainly be a feature in our future, so expect change, revolution, fluctuation and acts of defiance. Uranus will be in the sign of Taurus until 7 July 2025.

* Neptune is in Pisces: As the planet ruling dreams and creativity continues its path through its ruling sign of Pisces, we are encouraged to honour more of our spiritual awareness, artistic inspiration and intuitive insight! Greater appreciation for the beauty around us as well as within us is also emphasized. We are urged to feel and express greater “we-are-all-one” compassion toward ourselves and others — along with further sympathetic understanding and involvement with humanitarian endeavours. Greater focus on our faith, spirituality and need for understanding of one another is highlighted! With Neptune in Pisces, we are helped to be more ‘in tune’ with our feelings, sensitivities and artistic side of our nature. We can also find further focus on our faith, future hopes, visions of a better tomorrow, spirituality and global understanding. Neptune will be in Pisces until 31 March 2025.

* Pluto is in Capricorn: As the planet of Transformation continues its travels through the sober sign of Capricorn, we reexamine serious issues and concerns regarding the positive changes we would like to make to ourselves and our world. The overall theme of this cycle is uncovering the misuse of power and authority to enable change for the better. It represents a major time of rediscovery, review and reconsideration that brings transformation to our society, government, world order and Mother Earth. It also pushes us to think about the changes we want to make to our belief structures and our power as individuals and as citizens of the world. Pluto will continue to be going back and forth in Capricorn until 20 November 2024.

* Chiron is in Aries: As the minor planet/comet Chiron, connected to the archetype of the “wounded healer” moves through the independent, assertive and aggressive fire sign of Aries, our identities are highlighted. During this time we’ll have greater opportunity to overcome personal obstacles, discover new strength, manifest healing and further self confidence. Chiron is said to act as a link between the conscious and unconscious and as such, can represent transformation in body, mind and soul. As we surmount challenges, we find greater empowerment, advancing our unique spirits while manifesting more of our dreams. Chiron will be in Aries until 2027.

*Blessings to You for an Auspicious April! You are Loved and Appreciated!*

With Warmth, Heart and StarLight,
-GiGi “Astro” Sosnoski
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