August 2022 Motivational Astrology Forecast: Your Biggest Fan!

August 2022 Motivational Astrology Forecast: Your Biggest Fan!

GiGi Sosnoski
13 min readJul 28, 2022

“Be patient and loving with yourself. You weren’t meant to be your biggest critic, but your biggest fan” — E. Kinney

When was the last time you cheered yourself on or complimented yourself for a job well done? On the other hand, I bet you can recently recall when you criticized your efforts or put yourself down. Why is that? How come we beat ourselves up more often than raise ourselves up? Why are we our worst critics when we should be our own biggest fan? This is the month to be more conscious of how we treat and think about ourselves, practice self kindness and connect more with our inner cheerleaders! Be your biggest fan!

As a society, we’re pretty judgmental, fast to denounce things and quick to spot the negatives. Unfortunately that often gets internalized, where we become our own faultfinders, harshly judging what we say and do. Instead of cheering ourselves on and encouraging our efforts, we undermine ourselves! In order to be our own fan, we must work toward developing a more loving and positive attitude toward ourselves. We need to believe in who we are, pat ourselves on the back and honour our uniqueness. This isn’t about bragging or boasting, it’s about standing up for ourselves, acknowledging our achievements, and working toward respecting and loving ourselves unconditionally!

While self challenges are important for development throughout our lives, it’s important to balance that with self-care, personal faith, positive dialogue and acknowledging our talents and abilities. Being your own fan will bring more rewards and success than being your own enemy! In the weeks ahead Leo energies fuel our confidence while Virgo’s vibe supports our intellectual resolve. August encourages us to embrace our inner strength, believe in our unique abilities and honour the truth that we can overcome any obstacle — including our own judgmentalism! What makes this month all about being *Your Biggest Fan?* How can you take advantage of the upcoming celestial powers to increase the self confidence and abundance in your life? Here’s my *Motivational Astrology Forecast for August 2022*:

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* 4 August 2022 (3rd in U.S.): Mercury goes into Virgo — Pro-active Productivity! Welcome a new three week cycle for practical problem solving, organized thinking, the ability to analyze circumstances and greater appreciation for the details of life! This is an ideal time to get better organized, put in place new structures for advancement and move forward with your healthy game plan strategies! As the communication planet moves into the practical and holistic vibe of Virgo, we have a better idea of how to be proactively productive with keener clarity on how to accelerate our plans and goals for future success! Use this occasion to clear out the unneeded and unnecessary debris from life — including any negative thoughts, self-sabotaging behaviours or bad habits that prevent you from living your life to the fullest! Get sorted, get healthy and manifest more harmony starting today! Ask yourself now: What needs organizing in my life?*Mercury Blessings to You!* Mercury will be in Virgo until 24–25 August.

* 12 August 2022 (11th in U.S. and Europe): Venus goes into Leo — Gratitude for YOU! With Venus, the Goddess of Love planet, shining brightly in the effervescent sign of Leo, we can all better recognize and appreciate our divine beings! Acknowledging your attributes and talents is just showing gratitude for what you’ve been given. Everyone is blessed with something, each one of us has a unique quality, talent or gift, so use this time to play up those parts of yourself that you love the most! It’s not just physical — its your sense of humour, communication ability, positive energy or expressive style. This also is a time of creativity, artistic expression, loving life (and yourself!) and feeling inspired by the beauty all around you (and within YOU)! Remember that in the end YOU define who you are and YOU decide what you want to be! For the weeks ahead: treat yourself, applaud yourself and admire who you are! *Venus Blessings to YOU!* Venus will be in Leo until 5 September.

* 12 August 2022 (11th in U.S.): Full Moon in Aquarius — Free your Inner Braveheart! This full-on Lunar energy brings to light original and unusual ways of expression and thinking, helping us to take a stand — to speak up and stick up for ourselves and for those needing a voice! Share your vision now for the “greater good”, helping to bring about change and make a difference in the world! Liberate your unique and quirky spirit and embrace your authentic self, tapping into a more Utopian vibe! Not being satisfied with the status quo or the usual responses, we can now find our answers outside the box. As this Full Moon occurs in the sign of Aquarius, representing progressive thinking, revolutionary expression and greater independence, this can be a time of shaking up complacency and jolting others into greater awareness. What issues of your life need emotional liberation? *Full Moon Blessings to YOU!* *Full Moon 19° Aquarius Times:* Where are YOU?: New Zealand: 12 Aug 1:36pm; New York: 11 Aug 9:36pm; Chicago: 11 Aug 8:36pm; Los Angeles: 11 Aug 6:36pm; Vancouver, BC: 11 Aug 6:36pm; Toronto, Canada: 11Aug 9:36pm; Sydney: 12 Aug 11:36am; Mexico City: 11 Aug 8:36pm; Buenos Aires: 11 Aug 10:36pm; London: 12 Aug 2:36am; Zurich: 12 Aug 3:36am; Santorini: 12 Aug 4:36am; Ukraine: 12 Aug 4:36am; Singapore: 12 Aug 9:36am; Hong Kong: 12 Aug 9:36am; Cape Town: 12 Aug 3:36am; New Delhi: 12 Aug 7:06am(IST); Moscow: 12 Aug 4:36am; Dubai: 12 Aug 5:36am.

* 20 August 2022: Mars goes into Gemini — Activate Self Expression! The planet ruling our energies and actions now moves into the thoughtful and expressive sign of Gemini! This is a time focusing on the further awakening of our curiosity, intellect, connection with others and magical self expression! In the weeks ahead we’ll find much mental stimulation, new interests and active communication highlighted! Initiate activities now that encourage your mind, inspire your thoughts and allow you to join with complementary connections. Find greater confidence in sharing your knowledge and expressing your unique concepts, while feeling enthusiastic about all that life has to offer! As you power-up your self expression, be mindful too that Mars in Gemini can manifest in a feeling of being rushed, over-stimulated or scattered — so keep patient and focused in all your endeavours for greater life success! What do YOU have to say? *Mars Blessings to YOU!* Mars will be in Gemini (with retrogrades) until 12 January 2023.

* 23 August 2022 (22nd in U.S.): Sun goes into VirgoMind, Body Spirit Alliance! As the Sun shifts from Leo into the Earthy sign of Virgo, we’re encouraged to focus on health, well-being and self care. This is an advantageous time for establishing better routines for building more strength and holistic balance in the mental, physical and intuitive sides of life. Our energies now shift into a more cerebral and meticulous form of expression as we’re prompted to establish new routines for building greater strength and holistic balance. Allow this new month-long cycle to assist you in being mindful of how you treat yourself. Be conscious of releasing any negative chatter, self-disapproval or pessimistic thoughts at this time. Establish an organized schedule to suit your needs — allowing for daily exercise, meditation and reflection. Keep an eye to a healthful diet and make sure you get adequate rest. Also important — connect with like-minded others who are positive and supportive — helping to remind you how special YOU truly ARE! *Solar Blessings to YOU!* The Sun will be in Virgo until 24 September.

* 25 August 2022 (24th in U.S. and Europe): Uranus in Taurus goes Retrograde — Backward Breakthroughs! The planet of innovation, liberation and rebellion now starts its backward crawl in the diligent and down-to-earth sign of Venus-ruled Taurus. From now until 22 January 2023, we can expect to look at life differently, uncover information, come into new realizations and deal with changes — especially in areas of finances, possessions, business dealings, material security and the things we value. We can anticipate some reawakenings, shakeups and shifts in the way we handle our environment, Mother Earth, beauty, love, creativity and our relationship with others. During this time we’re offered the opportunity to make personal and global breakthroughs, helping us develop ways to overcome obstacles and welcome advances toward a better world. * Uranus Blessings to You!* Uranus will be Retrograding in Taurus in this cycle until 22 January 2023 (with additional Retrogrades in 2023).

* 26 August 2022 (25th in U.S.): Mercury goes into Libra — Balanced Expectations! As the planet ruling our minds, mouths and motion moves into harmony-seeking Libra, we are urged to find greater equilibrium and symmetry in our world. A big part of keeping greater balance in our lives is not expecting total happiness or total calamity at every turn. Ditch the drama! Moderation helps us cultivate greater emotional, mental and physical peace, especially when combined with an optimistic outlook that seeks the best but accepts things may not always work out as planned! This new cycle of “balanced thinking” helps us to better plan our goals, align our dreams and work toward a more creative, “zen” approach to ourselves and others. This is a beneficial cycle for making worthwhile connections, cultivating artistic expression, seeking ways to manifest harmony and advancing harmonious communications. *Mercury Blessings to YOU!* Mercury will be in Libra until 30 October (in retrograde motion in September) .

* 27 August 2022: New Moon in Virgo — Healthy Habits! This new Lunar phase, signaling beginnings and fresh starts, activates the analytical and rational sides of our nature. We are encouraged to become more aware of the healthy changes we need to make in order to truly advance. This is a powerful cycle for releasing any debilitating situations, circumstances or relationships in favour of more wholesome endeavours. Use this time to end feelings of doubt or worry as what you do now sets the stage for rewards in the weeks ahead! In the earthy Virgo sign, this New Moon focuses on practical problem solving, organized thinking and all-around greater well-being. We can now tap into a more discriminating, detailed, conscientious and analytical vibe — helping us to repair and empower our mind, body and spirit. This is an important occasion to initiate healthful routines, wholesome endeavours and self-healing love. Go ahead and set your intentions — you’ll have keener clarity now on how to be proactively productive in advancing your future objectives! Where can you be more healthful in your life? *New Moon Blessings!* *New Moon 4° Virgo Times:* Where are YOU?: New Zealand: 27 Aug 8:17pm; New York: 27 Aug 4:17am; Chicago: 27 Aug 3:17am; Los Angeles: 27 Aug 1:17am; Vancouver, BC: 27 Aug 1:17am; Toronto, Canada: 27 Aug 4:17am; Sydney: 27 Aug 6:17pm; Mexico City: 27 Aug 3:17am; Buenos Aires: 27 Aug 5:17am; London: 27 Aug 9:17am; Zurich: 27 Aug 10:17am; Santorini: 27 Aug 11:17am; Ukraine: 27 Aug 11:17am; Singapore: 27 Aug 4:17pm; Hong Kong: 27 Aug 4:17pm; Cape Town: 27 Aug 10:17am; New Delhi: 27 Aug 1:47pm(IST); Moscow: 27 Aug 11:17am; Dubai 27 Aug 12:17pm.

* The Outer Planets stay in a sign for a longer period of time, so their effect on us is more gradual, but significant none the less. Here they are in their current positions:

* Jupiter is Retrograde in Aries: Jupiter, the “Fairy Godmother’ planet is now traveling through the forthright and energetic fire sign of Aries! Jupiter, the planet representing expansion and prosperity will be advancing through the assertive and action-oriented first sign of the zodiac, with Retrogrades, from now until October 2022 and then again from December 2022 to May 2023. The last time this planet/sign combination connected was June of 2010! This will give us an even greater feeling of optimism, enthusiasm, opportunity and the ability to advance our dreams and reach our goals! Personal growth, heroic efforts and bold advancement can now be had, along with the ability to overcome obstacles and feel more empowered! As we feel we can now see ‘The Big Picture” of our lives, we can forge ahead with our plans and implement our visions for a more fortunate future! Jupiter in Aries favours new initiatives, innovative enterprises, independent ventures and jumping into fresh endeavours. Faith in our abilities drives us as we feel a strong need to grow, branch out, explore our world and create exciting adventures! Just be mindful that it’s wise to plan your efforts with an exacting eye before jumping in — so remember to look before you leap! Balance and patience is important! Jupiter will be Retrograding from 28–29 July to 23 November 2022. This represents a time of reworking and revising our directions and plans in order to advance our goals and find greater fulfillment! Jupiter will be in Aries from now until October 2022 (Retrograding from 28–29 July to 23 November), and then from December 2022 until 17 May 2023!

* Saturn in Aquarius is Retrograde: Saturn, the planet representing responsibility, maturity and structure, traveling through the liberating sign of Aquarius, is now Retrograde. We will be revisiting and readdressing major society and government issues with greater concern for each other and our life on Earth. Greater humanitarian, socially empathetic and altruistic endeavours will be forthcoming. This cycle will focus on gaining awareness of the importance of each individual, cultivating greater tolerance, broad-mindedness, liberalism and working toward a collective consciousness — shared beliefs and attributes that can unite us rather than divide us. A detachment from the old ways of doing things in favour of new innovation will also be seen. Additionally, new technological, medical and scientific advances can mark this period along with new methods of working toward the betterment of society. Saturn is a teacher — helping us to grow through past mistakes, failures and hardships. By using the knowledge that we gain from these experiences, we can acquire greater wisdom, self awareness, patience and finally, advancement. Saturn will be Retrograde until 23 October 2022 and will remain in Aquarius until 7 March 2023.

* Uranus is Taurus is Retrograde: The planet signifying change, revolution and innovation, is transiting through the sign of Taurus, which represents its opposite — stability, assurance and safeguarding! For the years ahead this Uranus/Taurus pairing will highlight liberation from the customary way of doing things in favor of new methods and inventive techniques. Also, as Taurus rules our personal values, creativity, material goods, finances, food and general enjoyment, we will see new innovations in these areas. Uranus in Taurus brings new light to the way we handle our resources, material wealth, mother nature, and investment interests. During this transit, we can expect a new wave of economic innovation helping us to focus on being more authentic and practical in our approach to things. As Uranus Retrogrades, we will be experiencing further shifting themes on how we view stability. More change will certainly be a feature in our future, so expect change, revolution, fluctuation and acts of defiance. Uranus will be in the sign of Taurus until 7 July 2025.

* Neptune in Pisces is Retrograde: As the planet ruling dreams and creativity continues its Retrograde path through its ruling sign of Pisces, we are encouraged to honour more of our spiritual awareness, artistic inspiration and intuitive insight! As it is now moving ‘backward’, we will be refocusing and reflecting on greater appreciation for the beauty around us as well as within us is also emphasized. We are urged to feel and express greater “we-are-all-one” compassion toward ourselves and others — along with further sympathetic understanding and involvement with humanitarian endeavours. Greater focus on our faith, spirituality and need for understanding of one another is highlighted! With Neptune in Pisces, we are helped to be more ‘in tune’ with our feelings, sensitivities and artistic side of our nature. We can also find further focus on our faith, future hopes, visions of a better tomorrow, spirituality and global understanding. Neptune will Retrograde 28 June 2022 and go Direct 4 December 2022. Neptune will be in Pisces until 31 March 2025.

* Pluto is in Capricorn is Retrograde: As the planet representing Transformation continues its long journey through this sober Earth sign, it will be Retrograding until 8 October 2022. This is a time when we are readdressing serious issues in our lives as we seek to make positive changes to ourselves, our leaders and our world. The overall theme of this cycle is uncovering the misuse of power, greed and corruption to bring reform and grow our overall progress. It represents a major time of restructuring, review and reconsideration that brings transformation to our society, government, world order and Mother Earth. It also pushes us to think about the changes we want to make to our belief structures and our power as individuals and as a whole. Pluto will be going Direct in Capricorn on 8 October 2022 and will enter Aquarius 24 march 2023. Pluto will continue to be going back and forth in Aquarius/Capricorn until December 2024.

* Chiron is in Aries Retrograde: As the minor planet/comet Chiron, connected to the archetype of the “wounded healer” moves through the independent, assertive and aggressive fire sign of Aries, our identities are highlighted. During this Retrograde time we will work harder to overcome personal obstacles and strive toward healing past and current wounds in order to find greater strength and courage to overcome difficulties. Chiron is said to act as a link between the conscious and unconscious and as such, can represent transformation in body, mind and soul. As we surmount challenges and personal pains, we find greater empowerment, advancing our unique spirits while manifesting more of our dreams. Chiron will be in Aries until 2027.

Blessings to You for an Auspicious August! YOU are loved and appreciated!

With Warmth, Heart and StarLight,
-GiGi “Astro” Sosnoski
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