*Manifesting Magic!* February 2021 Motivational Astrology Forecast

February 2021 Motivational Astrology Forecast

By GiGi Astro Sosnoski: Keep Looking Up! Ltd. / Positive Skies Ltd.

** Manifesting Magic! **

“Magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that, you can make anything happen.” — Goethe

The ability to manifest is within all of us. Each moment, perhaps without realizing it, we are creating our futures: through our thoughts, our emotions, our actions and our dreams for a better tomorrow. Every day brings a new way of thinking, different ways to self-express and unique ways to problem solve, all the while creating what we want our futures to become. We are all creating all of the time — but this month is when our heart-held hopes can produce magic!

February is the time to wave a cosmic wand and bring our creative concepts into reality. Belief is the magical ingredient that makes possibilities manifest — especially belief in yourself! Confidence in who you are is the key ingredient to any success. Your self belief defines who you are, helps shape your dreams and makes the impossible do-able!

With a mixture of liberating Aquarian energy and perceptive Pisces panache, February offers us the ability to tap into futuristic thinking while manifesting magical creations here and now. In the weeks ahead we can make magic happen by embracing greater belief in who we are, what we are, where we are going and how to get there.

What are some of the standout Astrological energies happening for us this second month of the new year? With Venus shifting into Aquarius, Mercury in Aquarius going Retrograde, a New Moon in Aquarius and the Sun moving into Pisces, we are offered encouragement on the magic we can tap into in the weeks ahead! How will YOUR magic unfold? Here’s your Motivational Astrology forecast for February 2021!

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As we end January 2021 there are a couple of alignments worth noting before leaping into February:

* 29 January 2021 (28th in U.S.A): Full Moon in Leo — Highlight Your Heart! The first Full Moon of the New Year shines greater awareness on our emotions, feelings and affections! We are prompted with dramatic Lunar energy to find harmony between our heart’s desires and how we express our feelings to others. This fiery lumination will stir up great passion and full-on sharing of emotions. As this period of culmination unfolds, we yearn for greater affection, appreciation and affirmation — but we need to be mindful of sharing the same with those we love. Finding the balance between self-centered energy and self-less action is key. Greater joy, creative fulfillment and loving expression can be found now if we honour our hearts while appreciating the feelings of others. This is an energetic occasion when we’re made aware of what brings joy to our lives and what no longer serves this purpose. (Full Moon 9° Leo Times: New Zealand: 29 Jan 8:16am; New York: 28 Jan 2:16pm; Los Angeles: 28 Jan 11:16am; Melbourne: 29 Jan 6:16am; Buenos Aires: 28 Jan 4:16pm; London: 28 Jan 7:16pm; Zurich: 28 Jan 8:16pm; Singapore: 29 Jan 3:16am; Hong Kong: 29 Jan 3:16am; Santorini: 28 Jan 9:16pm; Cape Town: 28 Jan 9:16pm; New Delhi: 29 Jan 12:46(IST); Moscow: 28 Jan 10:16pm; Dubai: 28 Jan 11:16pm)

* 31 January 2021 (30th in U.S.A): Mercury in Aquarius goes Retrograde — Rethinking The Future! The first Mercury Retrograde of 2021, in the sign of unconventional and futuristic Aquarius, may bring a feeling of restlessness as we are eager to ‘get-on-with-it’ but might find some delays in getting what we want when we want it. Mercury Retrogrades are usually seen as a time to review, redirect, rewind, rethink and rehearse — rather than jumping into anything new. There will be a need to detach from the old ways of doing and thinking while redefining our plans and procedures for the future. As the communication and travel planet moves ‘backward’, we’re urged to re-examine our intentions, interactions and inner-workings while taking time to rework our dreams and goals. This can be classified as a time of readjustment — where rescheduling and reverses can be highlighted — but patience and going-with-the-flow rather than trying to push forcefully ahead will bring the eventual advancement that we seek. Having extra thought and care when it comes to the details of day-to-day life including our movements, shared information, all forms of communications or futuristic plans help this period to go smoother. For the next 3 weeks there’s opportunity to readdress important issues in our lives in order to implement better plans and procedures when Mercury goes Direct! Mercury will go Direct on 21 February and Mercury will be in Aquarius until 16 March.

And Now for February 2021:

* 2 February 2021 (1st in U.S.A): Venus goes into Aquarius — Honour Your Uniqueness! As the planet ruling Love and Creativity leaves its recent sober stint in Capricorn, we advance into an avant-garde and outspoken cycle of expression in Aquarius! :-) Now is the time to embrace your uniqueness, honour your free spirit and do things in your own innovative style! In the weeks ahead, greater fulfillment can be found by sharing affectionate energy, showcasing creative concepts, asserting original thought and declaring liberating views. We’re prompted to voice our opinions, venture outside the comfort zone, shake up the norm and speak out for what we believe in! As we feel more open and excepting, our social circles expand — bringing opportunities for unique and exciting interactions! Remember: EVERYONE is Beautiful….in their own way! Celebrate your Special Self while acknowledging the magic that also resides in others! :-) Venus will be in Aquarius until26 February.

* 12 February 2021 (11th in U.S.A): New Moon in Aquarius — Free Your Feelings! This New Moon ushers in a fresh cycle of beginnings, and in the sign of Aquarius, we’ll experience liberating energy and greater emotional empowerment! This is a time of exciting possibilities — helping us break through boundaries, connect with like-minded souls and activate more of our ingenious potential! As much as this is a period focusing on self-direction, there is also a strong calling toward humanitarian effort — sticking up for the underdog and speaking up for more equality, liberty and justice in our world. Because, in the end, although each of us is different in our own fabulous way, we are all ONE on this Earth! This is an advantageous time for embarking on unique forms of thought, new technologies, inspiring studies or interesting ways to open yourself to original expression and thought! This empowering day helps us focus on the future with a new, hopeful and positive vision! (New Moon 23° Aquarius Times: New Zealand: 12 Feb 8:07am; New York: 11 Feb 2:07pm; Los Angeles: 11 Feb 11:07am; Melbourne: 12 Feb 6:07am; Buenos Aires: 11 Feb 4:07pm; London: 11 Feb 7:07pm; Zurich: 11 Feb 8:07pm; Singapore: 12 Feb 3:07am; Hong Kong: 12 Feb 3:07am; Santorini: 11 Feb 9:07pm; Cape Town: 11 Feb 9:07pm; New Delhi: 12 Feb 12:37am (IST); Moscow: 11 Feb 10:07pm; Dubai: 11 Feb 11:07pm)

* 18 February 2021: Sun goes into Pisces Imagine the Magic! As the Sun shifts into the last sign of the zodiac, a new month long cycle unfolds where our imaginations, feelings, intuition and spiritual energies are enhanced. We are now given a greater ability to express, honour and utilize the sensitive part of our natures. Our spirits are freed to explore greater creativity, inspiration and a universal connection with all that is around us. Greater sympathetic feeling, humanitarian empathy and compassionate energy flows! Heart-energy rules and our artistic abilities are inspired to manifest magic! Surround yourself with beauty in all forms — now is the time to be the artist, the poet, the mystic, the lover, the muse! Grow your creative spirit and allow your power of visualization to take flight! You are whatever you dream! Connect now with the imaginative part of your spirit to create the path you choose to walk on. The Sun will be in Pisces until 20 March.

* 21 February 2021 (20th in U.S.A.): Mercury in Aquarius goes Direct Creative Innovation! As the planet ruling communications and thoughtful expression goes Direct in the sign of Aquarius, greater freedom-thinking and artistic-invention is highlighted! This is a time when an inspiring window of opportunity for new innovation and further self discovery opens wide! We’re now encouraged to free our minds, expand our views, connect with like-minded others and find unique ways to share information. Our analytical and inquisitive energy is magnified, igniting our inspirational visions while encouraging us to embrace inventive concepts. Greater humanitarian, artistic and spiritual energy can now be felt as well, helping us to advance our personal and global goals for 2021! In the last 3 weeks, while Mercury was Retrograde, we were given the opportunity to pause, refocus and reconsider changes we want to make. Now that Mercury is Direct it’s time to implement those dreams! Mercury will be in Aquarius until 16 March.

* 26 February 2021 (25th in U.S.A.): Venus goes into Pisces — Love Transcends All! As the ‘Goddess of Love’ planet moves through the exalted sign of the Fish, we are given the gift of transcending the ordinary, healing past hurts and elevating our feelings of affection. Romantic, intuitive and creative energy draws us together now. Our connections with others open us up to greater feelings of beauty, imagination and inspiration. Universal love, higher minded awareness, sympathetic compassion and heart-centered emotion are the keys to finding mutual understanding. Look for commonalities rather than differences when facing any conflict with others. If we are gentle with ourselves and one another we can embrace a greater understanding of our similarities and strengths and what makes us One. Venus will be in Pisces until 22 March.

* 27 February 2021: Full Moon in Virgo — Health, Harmony and Happiness! This Full Moon in the meticulous sign of Virgo, brings a full-on time for tending to the details of our mind, body and spirit. We are urged to be more efficient in taking care of our health, harmony and happiness while making careful plans and fastidious decisions. While we may be more exacting and precise in our actions we are cautioned to not be too analytical, critical or perfectionistic toward ourselves or others. This emotionally intense time is best used to focus on what brings us a greater feeling of security, safety and protection. It is a very favourable time to get organized, free yourself of clutter and persevere on painstaking projects. Weed out now what is no longer supportive to your emotional, spiritual and physical health. By liberating yourself from the old habits, reactions and general baggage, you make way for a healthier, happier and more holistic you! (Full Moon 8° Virgo Times: New Zealand: 27 Feb 9:18pm; New York: 27 Feb 3:18am; Los Angeles: 27 Feb 12:18am; Melbourne: 27 Feb 7:18pm; Buenos Aires: 27 Feb 5:18am; London: 27 Feb 8:18am; Zurich: 27 Feb 9:18am; Singapore: 27 Feb 4:18pm; Hong Kong: 27 Feb 4:18pm; Santorini: 27 Feb 10:18am; Cape Town: 27 Feb 10:18am; New Delhi: 27 Feb 1:48pm(IST); Moscow: 27 Feb 11:18am; Dubai: 27 Feb 12:18pm)

* The Outer Planets stay in a sign for a longer period of time, so their effect on us is more gradual, but significant none the less. Here they are in their current positions:

* Jupiter in Aquarius: Jupiter, the benevolent planet representing expansion, moving through the humanitarian sign of Aquarius, brings a new cycle of advancement. Jupiter in Aquarius, which lasts for about a year, marks a period of more liberal philosophy blending with humanitarian efforts — a time given more to philanthropic outlooks and endeavors. This is a period emphasizing equality, the breaking down of barriers, a more ethical mindset, and finding unique ways of problem solving while championing the individual’s ideals and expression. In Aquarius, Jupiter brings an increased awareness of social justice, equal rights, as well as improvements in wide-reaching humanistic endeavors. It’s also be a time of more Universal or “New Age” spirituality, more involvement in worthwhile causes and feelings of being ‘all in this together’. New technology, scientific and medical advancements are featured now as we are united in our shared needs and problem solving goals. This is a time when we have the opportunity to be more aware of the positive changes that we can manifest in our own lives while also being cognizant of the suffering of others and what we can do to liberate the oppressed. Jupiter will be in Aquarius until 14 May 2021.

* Saturn is in Aquarius: As Saturn, the planet representing responsibility, maturity and structure travels through the liberating sign of Aquarius, we’ll experience further concern for our society, each other and our life on Earth. Greater humanitarian, socially empathetic and altruistic endeavours will be forthcoming. This cycle will focus on gaining awareness of the importance of each individual, cultivating greater tolerance, broad-mindedness, liberalism and working toward a collective consciousness — shared beliefs and attributes that can unite us rather than divide us. A detachment from the old ways of doing things in favour of new innovation will also be seen. Additionally, new technological, medical and scientific advances will will mark this period along with new methods of working toward the betterment of society. Saturn is a teacher — helping us to grow through past mistakes, failures and hardships. By using the knowledge that we gain from these experiences, we can acquire greater wisdom, self awareness, patience and finally, advancement. Saturn will remain in Aquarius until 7 March 2023.

* Uranus in Taurus: The planet signifying change, revolution and innovation is in the sign of Taurus which represents its opposite — stability, assurance and safeguarding! For the years ahead this Uranus/Taurus pairing will highlight liberation from the customary way of doing things in favor of new methods and inventive techniques. Also, as Taurus rules our personal values, creativity, material goods, finances, food and general enjoyment, we will see new innovations in these areas. Uranus will seek to shift the security-conscious/money-minded principles of the Bull by remodeling the way we handle our resources, material wealth and investment interests. We can expect a new wave of economic innovation helping us to focus on being more authentic and practical in our approach to things. We will also experience further shifting themes on how we view stability. More change will certainly be a feature in our future, so expect change, revolution, fluctuation and acts of defiance. Be ready to adapt rather than fighting to hang onto the old ways of being! Remember: Change equals opportunity! Uranus will be in the sign of Taurus until 7 July 2025.

* Neptune in Pisces: The planet ruling dreams and creativity continues its transit through its ruling sign of Pisces, encouraging us to honour more of our spiritual awareness, artistic inspiration and intuitive insight! Greater appreciation for the beauty around us as well as within us is also emphasized. We are urged to feel and express greater “we-are-all-one” compassion toward ourselves and others — along with further sympathetic understanding and involvement with humanitarian endeavours. Greater focus on our faith, spirituality and need for understanding of one another is highlighted! With Neptune in Pisces, we are helped to be more ‘in tune’ with our feelings, sensitivities and artistic side of our nature. We can also find further focus on our faith, future hopes, visions of a better tomorrow, spirituality and global understanding. Neptune will be in Pisces until 31 March 2025.

* Pluto is in Capricorn: As the planet of Transformation continues its travels through the sober sign of Capricorn, we reexamine serious issues and concerns regarding the positive changes we would like to make to ourselves and our world. The overall theme of this cycle is uncovering the misuse of power and authority to enable change for the better. It represents a major time of rediscovery, review and reconsideration that brings transformation to our society, government, world order and Mother Earth. It also pushes us to think about the changes we want to make to our belief structures and our power as individuals and as citizens of the world. Pluto will continue to be in Capricorn until 24 March 2023.

* Chiron is in Aries: As the minor planet/comet Chiron, connected to the archetype of the “wounded healer” moves through the independent, assertive and aggressive fire sign of Aries, our identities are highlighted. During this time we’ll have greater opportunity to overcome personal obstacles, discover new strength, manifest healing and further self confidence. Chiron is said to act as a link between the conscious and unconscious and as such, can represent transformation in body, mind and soul. As we surmount challenges, we find greater empowerment, advancing our unique spirits while manifesting more of our dreams. Chiron will be in Aries until 2027.

*Blessings to You and Yours for a Fortunate February! You are Loved and Appreciated!*

With Warmth, Heart and StarLight,
-GiGi Sosnoski
Keep Looking Up Ltd. / Positive Skies Ltd.
World-wide Motivational Astrology and Motivational Coaching

GiGi Astro Sosnoski is a New York City Astrologer, Motivational Coach, Motivational Speaker, Planetary Intuitive, Workshop Facilitator, Astrological Forecast Writer, Radio, TV and Multi-Media contributor. GiGi was first introduced to Astrology when she was 10 years old, and went on to turn her love for the subject into her life’s passion “Motivational Astrology”! Giving Astrology readings and Motivational Life Coaching sessions to thousands of clients, from all walks of life and from all over the world, for over 30 years, is what gives GiGi the experience, knowledge and know-how to guide and direct others successfully!

As a Life Enthusiast, GiGi’s passion is sharing upliftment and inspiration with others using her Motivational Astrology. Encouraging people to get excited about their lives, their abilities, their relationships and their futures is what she does best! Contact GiGi to help yourself find greater awareness, confidence and further understanding of your true potential as seen in your unique Astrology chart! Motivational Astrology Readings by Phone, Skype or at GiGi’s Keep Looking Up offices: +64 9 955 4117 (Auckland) 425–629–7346 (U.S.A.) (websites: and

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