March 2022 Motivational Astrology Forecast: Pursuing Peace

March 2022 Motivational Astrology Forecast: Pursuing Peace

GiGi Sosnoski
12 min readFeb 25, 2022

Peace does not mean an absence of conflicts; differences will always be there. Peace means solving differences thought peaceful means; through dialogue, education, knowledge; and through humane ways.” — Dalai Lama

These are challenging times — for all of us — in many different ways. But the one thing we all have in common is a need for greater peace. We are all seeking peace within ourselves, peace with one another and peace in the world. Want inner peace? Happiness? It all starts and ends with You. This is the month for learning to locate the seed of peace inside ourselves and cultivate its growth. In the weeks ahead we’ll be focusing on elevating humanitarian efforts, urging harmony and seeking a more compassionate flow in all life areas. March is the Pisces month for utilizing our powers to purse greater peace, humanitarian efforts while activating our spiritual and artistic energies!

With all that’s happening in the world, it’s temping to blame external circumstances for our lack of peace or feelings of insecurity, yet the stresses we feel are not the source. It’s our mindset that causes lack of calm. Learning to relax and to quiet and detach from our mental chatter and turbulent emotions is key. Peace is something that can be created any time we want. It is always within us, waiting to be acknowledged, tapped into and utilized!

March not only encourages us to pursue peace but also gives us an opportunity to cultivate more of our inner artist and intuitive muse. This is the month where we are further urged to open our imaginations, honour our hidden talents, fill our hearts with greater love and compassion and feel more spiritually connected. In the weeks ahead we can all be peace seekers, artists, spiritualists and lovers as we embrace the realm of feeling. Pursuing peace and creating calm can now swim hand-in-hand, bringing greater joy and ease this month. That is my wish and prayer for YOU! March Blessings!

What’s in store for YOU this month? With a strong Pisces and Aquarius energy, there is much to take advantage of in the weeks ahead! How can you make the most of the upcoming Astrological transits to pursue greater peace and a more harmonious future? Here’s my Motivational Astrology Forecast for March 2022:

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3 March 2022 (2nd in USA/Europe): New Moon in Pisces — Renew our Beliefs! Smile at this magical time representing beginnings, renewal and revitalization! This new lunar light in the sign of compassionate and peaceful Pisces brings us an opportunity to restore and recharge our beliefs, attitudes and feelings about ourselves and our world! Greater intuitive, spiritual and creative energies emerge to assist us in moving forward with our affirmations. For the next few weeks the stage is set for strengthening our sensitive, sympathetic and empathetic natures. More artistry and spiritual expression can be brought forward as we revitalize ourselves, using more of our imagination and feeling natures. This is the go-ahead for beginning new creative or intuitive endeavours, expressing your romantic nature or just being more in touch with Universal healing energy. Take advantage of this Lunar cycle to initiate all things regarding beauty, artistry and emotional expression as well as further belief in yourself! New Moon Blessings to YOU! New Moon 12° Pisces Times*: Where are YOU?: New Zealand: 3 March 6:35am; New York: 2 March 12:35pm; Chicago: 2 March 11:35am; Los Angeles: 2 March 9:35am; Sydney: 3 March 4:35am; Mexico City: 2 March 11:35am; Buenos Aires: 2 March 2:35pm; London: 2 March 5:35pm; Zurich: 2 March 6:35pm; Santorini: 2 March 7:35pm; Singapore: 3 March 1:35am; Hong Kong: 3 March 1:35am; Cape Town: 2 March 7:35pm; New Delhi: 2 March 11:05pm(IST); Moscow: 2 March 8:35pm; Dubai: 2 march 9:35pm.

* 6 March 2022: Mars goes into Aquarius — Creative Innovation! With the planet of communication and information moving into independent-thinking and artistically-inventive Aquarius, a colorful window of opportunity for new innovation and greater self discovery opens wide! We’re now encouraged to free our minds, expand our views, connect with like-minded others and consider alternative ways of self expression. We can be more productive now and our desire to learn, grow and advance our visions is highlighted! A headstrong approach to matters and an analytical and inquisitive energy is also magnified, igniting our inspirational goals and encouraging us to embrace unique concepts. Greater humanitarian, artistic and spiritual energy can now be felt as well, helping us to advance our personal and global goals for 2022! Mars Blessings to YOU! Mars will be in Aquarius until 15 April.

* 6 March 2022: Venus goes into Aquarius — Appreciate Your Uniqueness! The Goddess of Love planet makes up for its recent sober stint in Capricorn by shimmying into avant-garde Aquarius! We now explore and embrace new affectionate energy, artistic self expression, innovative thought and inventive communication. This is a time when we can honour our unique and quirky traits and enjoy expressing our individuality! Our social circle expands, opening up the opportunity for new and exciting connections and participation in the group activities. Our need to share and appreciate love, artistry and future-oriented thought is emphasized. Use this energy to free your feelings, inspire your vision and attract to you unique and wondrous opportunities! Venus Blessings to YOU! Venus will be in Aquarius until 6 April.

* 10 March 2022: Mercury goes into Pisces — Imagination into Manifestation! As the planet ruling all communications in the sign of imaginative Pisces is now activated, we’re urged to honour more of our feelings and sensitivities. This is the time to follow our inner creative and spiritual callings to manifest our dreams! Our thoughts and expressions are now more perceptive, intuitive, spiritually focused and Universally connected. This marks a new cycle of empathy and greater appreciation of our visions, artistry, compassionate understanding and meditative mindset. We are more responsive to gentler, kinder, sympathetic connections and in turn we reach out with greater love and supportive expression to those we care about. Work now to bring your healing thoughts and empowering prayers to fruition! This is a time of peace, love and greater harmony — use it to your advantage! Mercury Blessings to YOU! Mercury will be in Pisces until 27 March.

* 18 March 2022: Full Moon in Virgo — You’re Already Perfect! As the Full Moon, representing culmination, in the healing and healthful sign of Virgo lights up our skies, we are reminded to appreciate ourselves more. Often in our quest to be better or do better, we’re critical of ourselves or impatient with our progress. Don’t pick yourself apart in your pursuit of perfection. You already are perfect! Consider all that you have accomplished, experienced and surmounted in life. Note that your track record for getting through life’s difficult times is 100% (cos’ your still here!). The things you’ve endured and the successes you’ve had contribute much more to your beautiful soul growth than a list of what’s lacking. Although this Virgo Full Moon helps us scope out the details and get into the nitty gritty of our habits, health and daily doings, it cautions us not to be too analytical or nit-picky — with ourselves or others. This time is best used for getting rid of limiting beliefs as well as the clutter that takes up our time, space and energy. By releasing whatever is clogging our emotional, spiritual or physical health now, we can move freely toward a more happy, harmonious and holistic You! Full Moon Blessings to YOU! *Full Moon 27° Virgo Times*: Where are YOU?: New Zealand: 18 March 8:18pm; New York: 18 March 3:18am; Chicago: 18 March 2:18am; Los Angeles: 18 March 12:18am; Sydney: 18 March 6:18pm; Mexico City: 18 March 1:18am; Buenos Aires: 18 March 4:18am; London: 18 March 7:18am; Zurich: 18 March 8:18am; Santorini: 18 March 9:18am; Singapore: 18 March 3:18pm; Hong Kong: 18 March 3:18pm; Cape Town: 18 March 9:18am; New Delhi: 18 March 12:48pm(IST); Moscow: 18 March 10:18am; Dubai: 18 March 11:18am.

* 21 March 2022 (20th in Europe/U.S.A): Sun goes into Aries — Equinox Empowerment! It’s time for the sunrise/sunset commemoration! As we honour the Equinox, we not only change seasons but also celebrate the occasion of equal day and night! In doing so we are encouraged to seek balance in our own lives as well. This is a prime time for fresh starts, initiating new projects, releasing inhibitions and embarking on unique adventures! As the Sun now enters Aries, greater courage can be felt as we overcome challenges that have previously held us back. Our braver and more pioneering spirits can emerge, moving forward with fearless energy! This is a great time to begin new projects and find ways to strengthen your self belief! Use this occasion to begin anew, taking your dreams to the next level and implementing your visions for tangible results. Picture what you want to manifest for the months ahead and let your powers of invention bloom! Solar Blessings and Happy Equinox to YOU! The Sun will be in Aries until 20 April.

* 27 March 2022: Mercury goes into Aries — Activate Your Adventure! This is the celestial signal to embark on a new direction or begin an independent adventure that you’ve been considering for awhile! As the planet of action, energy and aggression moves into the sign also representing action, energy and aggression, we have much power at our disposal — hopefully to utilize for creating beneficial progress. We are able to be more direct in our self-expression, take on new physical regimes and launch pioneering ways of advancement. Embrace new liberation and expression of your dreams and visions now! For the next month we have the opportunity to really rev our engines to move past any adversity and make big strides forward. The key to success during this Mars transit is patience, planning carefully, putting ego issues on the back burner and thinking before doing! Might does not make Right! Mercury Blessings to YOU! Mercury will be in Aries until 11 April.

* The Outer Planets stay in a sign for a longer period of time, so their effect on us is more gradual, but significant none the less. Here they are in their current positions:

* Jupiter is in Pisces: Jupiter, the “Fairy Godmother’ planet has just moved into the sensitive and ethereal sign of Pisces. This marks a progressive period of expanded feeling, greater sensitivity and higher creative/mystical inspiration! It is also a time of further philanthropic outlooks, humanitarian efforts and feelings of ‘Oneness’ with the Universe! This is a period emphasizing our care of one another, greater equality, the breaking down of barriers and the growth of our spiritual awareness. We are encouraged to grow our intuitive natures and embark on holistic endeavours and look to greater healing — of ourselves and others. This compatible Jupiter/Pisces pairing increases our artistic awareness, philosophical expressions and the need to serve the world by sharing our feelings of love and care with one another. There will be an increased awareness of social justice, equal rights and improvements in wide ranging humanistic projects. As Jupiter moves through sympathetic Pisces, we’ll experience a “New Age” feeling of spiritual growth and the chance to make positive changes in how we view ourselves, each other and our world. We now have the opportunity to be more aware of the positive effect that we can manifest in our own lives while also being cognizant of the suffering of others and what we can do to liberate the oppressed. Jupiter will be in Pisces until 11 May 2022.

* Saturn is in Aquarius: As Saturn, the planet representing responsibility, maturity and structure now traveling through the liberating sign of Aquarius, we’ll experience further concern for our society, each other and our life on Earth. Greater humanitarian, socially empathetic and altruistic endeavours will be forthcoming. This cycle will focus on gaining awareness of the importance of each individual, cultivating greater tolerance, broad-mindedness, liberalism and working toward a collective consciousness — shared beliefs and attributes that can unite us rather than divide us. A detachment from the old ways of doing things in favour of new innovation will also be seen. Additionally, new technological, medical and scientific advances will will mark this period along with new methods of working toward the betterment of society. Saturn is a teacher — helping us to grow through past mistakes, failures and hardships. By using the knowledge that we gain from these experiences, we can acquire greater wisdom, self awareness, patience and finally, advancement. Saturn will remain in Aquarius until 7 March 2023.

* Uranus is Taurus: The planet signifying change, revolution and innovation, is transiting through the sign of Taurus, which represents its opposite — stability, assurance and safeguarding! For the years ahead this Uranus/Taurus pairing will highlight liberation from the customary way of doing things in favor of new methods and inventive techniques. Also, as Taurus rules our personal values, creativity, material goods, finances, food and general enjoyment, we will see new innovations in these areas. Uranus in Taurus brings new light to the way we handle our resources, material wealth, mother nature, and investment interests. During this transit, we can expect a new wave of economic innovation helping us to focus on being more authentic and practical in our approach to things. We will also experience further shifting themes on how we view stability. More change will certainly be a feature in our future, so expect change, revolution, fluctuation and acts of defiance. Uranus will be in the sign of Taurus until 7 July 2025.

* Neptune is in Pisces: As the planet ruling dreams and creativity continues its path through its ruling sign of Pisces, we are encouraged to honour more of our spiritual awareness, artistic inspiration and intuitive insight! Greater appreciation for the beauty around us as well as within us is also emphasized. We are urged to feel and express greater “we-are-all-one” compassion toward ourselves and others — along with further sympathetic understanding and involvement with humanitarian endeavours. Greater focus on our faith, spirituality and need for understanding of one another is highlighted! With Neptune in Pisces, we are helped to be more ‘in tune’ with our feelings, sensitivities and artistic side of our nature. We can also find further focus on our faith, future hopes, visions of a better tomorrow, spirituality and global understanding. Neptune will be in Pisces until 31 March 2025.

* Pluto is in Capricorn: As the planet of Transformation continues its travels through the sober sign of Capricorn, we reexamine serious issues and concerns regarding the positive changes we would like to make to ourselves and our world. The overall theme of this cycle is uncovering the misuse of power and authority to enable change for the better. It represents a major time of rediscovery, review and reconsideration that brings transformation to our society, government, world order and Mother Earth. It also pushes us to think about the changes we want to make to our belief structures and our power as individuals and as citizens of the world. Pluto will continue to be going back and forth in Capricorn until 20 November 2024.

* Chiron is in Aries: As the minor planet/comet Chiron, connected to the archetype of the “wounded healer” moves through the independent, assertive and aggressive fire sign of Aries, our identities are highlighted. During this time we’ll have greater opportunity to overcome personal obstacles, discover new strength, manifest healing and further self confidence. Chiron is said to act as a link between the conscious and unconscious and as such, can represent transformation in body, mind and soul. As we surmount challenges, we find greater empowerment, advancing our unique spirits while manifesting more of our dreams. Chiron will be in Aries until 2027.

Blessings to You and Yours for a Peaceful and Productive March! You are Loved and Appreciated!

With Warmth, Heart and StarLight,
-GiGi “Astro” Sosnoski
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