May 2022 Motivational Astrology Forecast: Vision Shaping!

May 2022 Motivational Astrology Forecast: Vision Shaping!

GiGi Sosnoski
17 min readApr 28, 2022

Cherish your visions and dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements” — Napoleon Hill

How much do you think about your future self? What do you see for YOU in the time ahead? Your vision of the future is your guiding light, illuminating your path forward toward greater fulfillment. A vision is the mental (and emotional!) picture of what you desire to manifest as you look ahead. More than just a goal, our vision is the embodiment of our hopes, wishes and dreams.

Visualizing is an extremely useful tool for achieving the results you want. It’s like a mental dress rehearsal for seeing YOU already accomplishing your goals. It helps you focus on your objectives while activating your creative subconscious — prodding your mind to generate more innovative plans and ideas going forward! Seeing, imagining, feeling, believing, willing and initiating situations into our lives is the magic key! This is the month to shape our visions for tomorrow, setting our intentions for what we wish our future selves to be, accomplish and enjoy! When we envision our future we make it so!

May is a powerful month for using our visions to shape our future. The weeks ahead offer us the ability to envision the desired outcome of our hopes, wishes and dreams! This month, strong Solar and Lunar Eclipse energies along with the much anticipated sign shift of Jupiter to ambitious Aries, joined by Venus and Mars, plus two New Moons and two important Retrogrades help us bring positive change and pro-active pursuits into being! The shaping of your vision today makes your plans for tomorrow come alive! Life does not happen by chance, but by design!

What’s in store for YOU this month? How can you make the most of the upcoming Astrological energies to pursue your visions and create the future of your dreams? Here’s my Motivational Astrology Forecast for May 2022:

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* 1 May 2022 (30th in Europe and U.S.A.) — New Moon in Taurus & Partial Solar Eclipse — Renew Your Vision! As we welcome a New Moon, a time of beginnings, in the sign ruling pleasure and enjoyment (Taurus), we can create more happiness and opportunity in our lives — especially as Venus and Jupiter align at this time too! This is also the occasion of a Partial Solar Eclipse! Eclipses occur when the Sun, Moon and Earth come into alignment, and denote times of important transition and transformation. Be it personal or world events, these stellar occasions reveal areas requiring attention, alterations, re-working or releasing in order for us to move ahead with greater passion and purpose. Eclipses challenge us to be more conscious of our thoughts, become more in-tune with our visions and aware of our actions. This is a time to be mindful of what we are doing with our lives. As we change our focus, our outlook and world changes also! We now have the opportunity to renew our beliefs and feelings about issues of security, money, possessions, our self-worth and our world. We also can expect greater intuitive, spiritual and creative energies to emerge, assisting us in advancing our visions, revitalize ourselves and using more of our imagination and feeling natures. This Partial Solar Eclipse strongly emphasizes the Taurus New Moon energy (ruled by Venus!), signaling a new pleasurable focus in our lives, while bringing to light new truths that we can then translate into power for positive change! Where does this Eclipse/New Moon occur in YOUR Astrology chart and what does that mean for your time ahead? Contact me to find out!! :-) New Moon Blessings to YOU! New Moon 10° Taurus Times*: Where are YOU?: New Zealand: 1 May 8:28am; New York: 30 April 4:28pm; Chicago: 30 April 3:28pm; Los Angeles: 30 April 1:38pm; Sydney: 1 May 6:28am; Mexico City: 30 April 3:28pm; Buenos Aires: 30 April 5:28pm; London: 30 April 9:28pm; Zurich: 30 April 10:28pm; Santorini: 30 April 11:28pm; Singapore: 1 May 4:28am; Hong Kong: 1 May 4:28am; Cape Town: 30 April 10:38pm; New Delhi: 1 May 1:58am(IST); Moscow: 30 April 11:28pm; Dubai: 1 May 123:28am / Partial Solar Eclipse: 14 minutes after New Moon times)

* 3 May 2022 (2nd in Europe and U.S.A.): Venus goes into Aries — Your Passions Activated! As the Goddess of Love” planet rushes into the sign known for its assertive and aggressive energy, we’re urged to advance our heart-felt desires, express our heart-felt passions and activate our visions for the future we aspire to! This 3 ½ week cycle brings dynamic creative activity, courage, fortitude and added empowerment to our lives! With fiery affectionate energy in full force, we are in the best position to socialize, share our passions, embark on pioneering ventures, feel inspired by the beauty around us and embrace greater emotion in our relationships! This is a time of boldness, being direct and feeling enthusiastic about the adventures of life! What do you feel intensely about and what gives you a sense of soul-centered fulfillment? Pursue it now! Use this time to find the self-belief to act on your intuition and attract to you the love, artistry and liberated expression you seek! Venus Blessings to YOU! Venus will be in Aries until 29 May.

* 10 May 2022: Mercury in Gemini goes Retrograde — Heads Up! Mercury starts it’s backward crawl in the expressive sign of Gemini, encouraging more careful consideration and mindful attention to what we do, think and say. When this planet ruling Communications goes Retrograde (3 or 4x a year), we’re urged to take more time to review and reevaluate important matters. We can benefit now by being more selective with our words, clear about intentions and discreet in our actions. As Mercury commences its “reversing” cycle in its ruling sign of Gemini, we may experience slower mental responses, delayed decisions, postponed travel and jumbled information/faulty electronics/mechanical headaches. Make your next three weeks productive and successful by being extra diligent with details, double check data and expect some detours. On the *UPSIDE* (and there ALWAYS is one!), this is an *VERY* advantageous interval to reassess, reorganize and refocus — especially on issues regarding contracts, negotiations and receiving/relaying information (Gemini-governed areas!). Use this celestial opportunity to review current concerns so that you can move forward in a new and improved direction, creating a fortunate future once Mercury moves Forward on 3 June. Mercury Blessings to YOU! Mercury will be in Gemini until 23 May when it retrogrades back into Taurus. Mercury goes Direct 3 June.

* 11 May 2022 (10th in Europe and U.S.A.): Jupiter goes into Aries — The Big Picture! Jupiter, the planet representing expansion and prosperity will be moving through the assertive and action-oriented sign of Aries from now until October 2022 and then again from December 2022 to May 2023. The last time this planet/sign combination connected was June of 2010! This will give us a greater feeling of optimism, enthusiasm, opportunity and the ability to advance our dreams and reach our goals! Personal growth, heroic efforts and bold advancement can now be had, along with the ability to overcome obstacles and feel more empowered. As we feel we can now see ‘The Big Picture” of our lives, we can forge ahead with our plans and implement our visions for a more fortunate future! Jupiter in Aries favours new initiatives, innovative enterprises, independent ventures and jumping into fresh endeavours. Faith in our abilities drives us as we feel a strong need to grow, branch out, explore our world and create exciting opportunities. Just be aware that it’s wise to plan your efforts carefully before jumping in — so remember to look before you leap! Keeping an eye to balance and moderation now will assist you in attaining the success you seek! Jupiter Blessings to YOU! Jupiter will be in Aries from now until October 2022 and then from December 2022 until 17 May 2023!

* 16 May 2022 (15th in U.S.A.): Full Moon in Scorpio and Total Lunar Eclipse — Magical Metamorphosis! This Full Moon in powerful Scorpio signals a time of letting go, relinquishing emotional repression and shedding any inauthentic parts of ourselves. This large Lunar Light illuminates areas that need releasing in our lives: doubts, fears, jealousy, illness, or possessiveness. Although an intense period, it is a necessary one to help us out of any ruts and encourage healing and positive transformation. As this is also the occasion of a Total Lunar Eclipse, we can expect our emotions to be amplified, our feelings to be magnified and our self awareness to experience breakthroughs! This is a time of culmination — a harbinger of change — an extremely powerful period for cleansing our emotional natures and setting intentions for renewal and rejuvenation. Energetically felt for the next 3 months, this Lunar Eclipse brings transformation and growth — helping us to heal, reveal and purge imbalances — emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Use this celestial turning point to embrace rebirth, to cultivate greater connection with the Universal energies — allowing them to assist in releasing any blockages, barriers or fears being held. Whatever personal progress you wish to create, this empowering event can support you in your growing evolution. Where does this Eclipse/Full Moon occur in YOUR Astrology chart and what does that mean for your time ahead? Contact me to find out!! :-) Full Moon/Eclipse Blessings to YOU! Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Blessings to YOU! *Full Moon 25° Scorpio Times*: Where are YOU?: New Zealand: 16 May 4:14pm; New York: 16 May 12:14am; Chicago: 15 May 11:14pm; Los Angeles: 15 May 9:14pm; Sydney: 16 May 2:14pm; Mexico City: 15 May 11:14pm; Buenos Aires: 16 May 1:14am; London: 16 May 5:14am; Zurich: 16 may 6:14am; Santorini: 16 May 7:14am; Singapore: 16 May 12:14pm; Hong Kong: 16 May 12:14pm; Cape Town: 16 May 6:14am; New Delhi: 16 May 9:44am(IST); Moscow: 16 May 7:14am; Dubai 16 May 8:14am:/ Total Lunar Eclipse occurs 2 minutes before Full Moon times.

* 21 May 2022 (20th in U.S.A.): Sun into Gemini — Meeting of the Minds! With the Sun now jumping into the “need-to-talk” sign of Gemini, we’re being encouraged to better communicate our needs, thoughts and emotions. This celestial energy helps us to be more expressive, connect further with others and seek out interesting ways of learning and growing. It’s a beneficial time to be mindful of our interactions while also taking into consideration the balance between mental and emotional factors in our relationships. Conveying your convictions, stating personal beliefs and articulating your focused objectives are best received when you’re respectful of the sensitivities, comfort level and intuitive requirements of others. Use this time to come together, share your thoughts, speak your mind, communicate your views and find commonality in your visions — respecting your similar yet individual wisdom. How do you best express yourself? This is the time to find out! Cheers to a cycle of the uplifting thoughts and a meeting of the minds! :-) Solar Blessings to YOU! The Sun will be in Gemini until 21 June.

* 23 May 2022 (22nd in U.S.A.): Mercury Retrograding in Gemini moves back into Taurus — Take It Slow! Mercury, which has already been retrograding in Gemini, continues its backward crawl, reversing into the unhurried and earth-bound sign of Taurus! Slowdowns, delays, reduced action and snail-paced themes can highlight this time. We know Mercury rules all kinds of communication, but it also rules all forms of transportation, travel and the tools we use to connect with others (phones, laptops, ipads, tablets, computers, etc). Extra patience is required in all these areas now! Taurus, ruled by Venus, also represents economics, things of beauty, attraction and love. As such, this is not the best time to move forward with new financial plans, negotiations, signing contacts or starting a new relationship. A Retrograde time brings a feeling of uncertainly so the best thing to do during this time is to be patient, wait things out, and use this occasion to review, rehash and reexamine your plans. Make your next 2 weeks productive and successful by being extra diligent with details, double checking data, reconfirm reservations and expecting some detours. :-) If used wisely, this can be a very advantageous interval to reassess, reorganize and refocus — especially on issues regarding finance, romance, pleasurable pursuits or creative endeavours (all Taurus-ruled areas!). Use this celestial opportunity to seek out the Joys and Blessings in life while working toward creating a fortunate future when Mercury goes Direct. Mercury Blessings to YOU! Mercury will be Retrograding in Taurus until it goes Direct on 3 June.

* 25 May 2022 (24th in Europe and U.S.A.): Mars goes into Aries — Envision Your Actions! As the planet of action, energy and aggression moves into the sign also representing action, energy and aggression, we have much power at our disposal — hopefully to utilize for creating beneficial and bountiful progress in the world! Now is the time we can focus our energy on what we want to create in the time ahead! This is the celestial signal to finally embark on the project, new direction or independent action you have been hoping for! Greater courage, ambition and a competitive edge is activated now, helping you do the things you’ve been wanting to do! The ability to be more direct in our self-expression, confident in our interactions and goal focused with our desires is emphasized! This is a fortunate time for taking on new physical regimes, pursuing pioneering ways of personal advancement and forging ahead with our personal endeavours. Embrace new liberation and the expression of your independence now! For the next month we have the opportunity to really rev our engines and move past any adversity and make big strides forward. The key to success during this time is patience and planning — watch being too impulsive — think before doing for the best outcome! Mars Blessings to YOU! Mars will be in Aries until 6 July.

* 29 May 2022 (28th in Europe and U.S.A.): Venus goes into Taurus — Cuddle Up Close! As the planet of affection moves into the sensual sign of Taurus, we are invited to embark on a new chapter of love, pleasure and comfort! For the next three weeks our senses are heightened as the touch, taste and fragrance of life seems sweeter! Physical expression is highlighted, as we yearn to cuddle, satisfy, indulge and beautify! Since Taurus is ruled by Venus, this is an especially warm and pleasant period, urging us to embrace enjoyment, romance and emotional satisfaction. Strong feelings of loyalty and soul-connection emerge with loved ones — just make sure it doesn’t turn into possessiveness. Dieting will be difficult — luscious offerings are just too tempting now! Creatively, our artistic spirits rise high, assisting us in making everything look attractive and appealing. We’re stimulated by pretty things, eager to purchase them, so watch budgets! Although Mercury is still Retrograde (see my post above), this can be a good time for considering quality items to add to your treasure trove. Overall, this is a sumptuous opportunity to hug, heal and harvest happiness — in all their forms! Snuggle in and wrap yourself up in joy! Venus Blessings to YOU! Venus will be in Taurus until 23 June.

* 30 May 2022 (29th in Europe and U.S.A.): New Moon in Gemini — Share Your Wisdom! This second New Moon in May is in the communicative sign of Gemini, ushering in a time of of shared knowledge, thoughtful interactions and greater personal and communal awareness. We are now better able to express our ideas, voice our opinions and gain further understanding of ourselves and those in our lives. This is the perfect period for offering up your gifts of wisdom while being mindful that everyone can teach us something. Allow this potent occasion to heal matters as we resolve conflict and cultivate inspired agreement. Let this lovely lunar energy assist you in achieving higher enlightenment, mindfulness and the joy that comes with new beginnings! New Moon Blessings to YOU!

* The Outer Planets stay in a sign for a longer period of time, so their effect on us is more gradual, but significant none the less. Here they are in their current positions:

* Jupiter moves from Pisces into Aries! Jupiter, the “Fairy Godmother’ planet this month moves from the sensitive and ethereal water sign of Pisces into the forthright and assertive fire sign of Aries! Jupiter, the planet representing expansion and prosperity will be advancing through the assertive and action-oriented first sign of the zodiac from now until October 2022 and then again from December 2022 to May 2023. The last time this planet/sign combination connected was June of 2010! This will give us an even greater feeling of optimism, enthusiasm, opportunity and the ability to advance our dreams and reach our goals! Personal growth, heroic efforts and bold advancement can now be had, along with the ability to overcome obstacles and feel more empowered! As we feel we can now see ‘The Big Picture” of our lives, we can forge ahead with our plans and implement our visions for a more fortunate future! Jupiter in Aries favours new initiatives, innovative enterprises, independent ventures and jumping into fresh endeavours. Faith in our abilities drives us as we feel a strong need to grow, branch out, explore our world and create exciting adventures. Just be mindful that it is a good idea to plan your efforts with an exacting eye before jumping in — so remember to look before you leap! Balance is important! Jupiter Blessings to YOU! Jupiter will be in Aries from now until October 2022 and then from December 2022 until 17 May 2023!

* Saturn is in Aquarius: As Saturn, the planet representing responsibility, maturity and structure now traveling through the liberating sign of Aquarius, we’ll experience further concern for our society, each other and our life on Earth. Greater humanitarian, socially empathetic and altruistic endeavours will be forthcoming. This cycle will focus on gaining awareness of the importance of each individual, cultivating greater tolerance, broad-mindedness, liberalism and working toward a collective consciousness — shared beliefs and attributes that can unite us rather than divide us. A detachment from the old ways of doing things in favour of new innovation will also be seen. Additionally, new technological, medical and scientific advances will will mark this period along with new methods of working toward the betterment of society. Saturn is a teacher — helping us to grow through past mistakes, failures and hardships. By using the knowledge that we gain from these experiences, we can acquire greater wisdom, self awareness, patience and finally, advancement. Saturn will remain in Aquarius until 7 March 2023.

* Uranus is Taurus: The planet signifying change, revolution and innovation, is transiting through the sign of Taurus, which represents its opposite — stability, assurance and safeguarding! For the years ahead this Uranus/Taurus pairing will highlight liberation from the customary way of doing things in favor of new methods and inventive techniques. Also, as Taurus rules our personal values, creativity, material goods, finances, food and general enjoyment, we will see new innovations in these areas. Uranus in Taurus brings new light to the way we handle our resources, material wealth, mother nature, and investment interests. During this transit, we can expect a new wave of economic innovation helping us to focus on being more authentic and practical in our approach to things. We will also experience further shifting themes on how we view stability. More change will certainly be a feature in our future, so expect change, revolution, fluctuation and acts of defiance. Uranus will be in the sign of Taurus until 7 July 2025.

* Neptune is in Pisces: As the planet ruling dreams and creativity continues its path through its ruling sign of Pisces, we are encouraged to honour more of our spiritual awareness, artistic inspiration and intuitive insight! Greater appreciation for the beauty around us as well as within us is also emphasized. We are urged to feel and express greater “we-are-all-one” compassion toward ourselves and others — along with further sympathetic understanding and involvement with humanitarian endeavours. Greater focus on our faith, spirituality and need for understanding of one another is highlighted! With Neptune in Pisces, we are helped to be more ‘in tune’ with our feelings, sensitivities and artistic side of our nature. We can also find further focus on our faith, future hopes, visions of a better tomorrow, spirituality and global understanding. Neptune will be in Pisces until 31 March 2025.

* Pluto is in Capricorn going Retrograde: As the planet representing Transformation continues its long journey through this sober Earth sign, it starts a Retrograde cycle from 30 April to 8 October 2022. This is a time when we are readdressing serious issues in our lives as we seek to make positive changes to ourselves, our leaders and our world. The overall theme of this cycle is uncovering the misuse of power, greed and corruption to bring reform and grow our overall progress. It represents a major time of restructuring, review and reconsideration that brings transformation to our society, government, world order and Mother Earth. It also pushes us to think about the changes we want to make to our belief structures and our power as individuals and as a whole. Pluto will be going Direct in Capricorn on 8 October 2022 and will enter Aquarius 24 march 2023. Pluto will continue to be going back and forth in Aquarius/Capricorn until December 2024.

* Chiron is in Aries: As the minor planet/comet Chiron, connected to the archetype of the “wounded healer” moves through the independent, assertive and aggressive fire sign of Aries, our identities are highlighted. During this time we’ll have greater opportunity to overcome personal obstacles, discover new strength, manifest healing and further self confidence. Chiron is said to act as a link between the conscious and unconscious and as such, can represent transformation in body, mind and soul. As we surmount challenges, we find greater empowerment, advancing our unique spirits while manifesting more of our dreams. Chiron will be in Aries until 2027.

* Asteroid Phallus Athene is in Taurus: Asteroids are another interesting and important part of Astrology, along with the planets of course. Asteroids can give additional insight into our lives and our birth charts. Phallus Athene, one of the most well-known Goddesses in Greek mythology, was worshiped throughout Greece where many temples were constructed in her name. She represents wisdom, creative learning, healing, the arts and strategical thinking. Where she is located in your chart can also show you the life areas where your healing talents can be expressed and where your intellectual and creative potential can flourish. With the Goddess Phallus Athene moving into Taurus, the sign ruling beauty and enjoyment, we tap into a new chapter of creative intelligence and wisdom. This is a new cycle that can help us to secure the know-how to advance our goals. We can find that our senses are heightened as the touch, fragrance, sounds and visions of life are further activated. Also emphasized now are our values, finances and feelings of greater appreciation and pleasure. Additionally, environmental issues, finding solutions to combat climate change or ways to support nature and our surroundings can be emphasized.

Blessings to You for a Marvelous May! YOU are loved and appreciated!

With Warmth, Heart and StarLight,
-GiGi “Astro” Sosnoski
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