Transformational Trinity: New Moon in Scorpio, Venus in Capricorn, Mercury in Scorpio!

Scorpio New Moon, Venus in Capricorn, Mercury in Scorpio

“Change is inevitable, but transformation is by conscious choice” — H. Amara

Tomorrow three major celestial opportunities emerge: a NEW MOON in Scorpio, MERCURY into Scorpio and VENUS in Capricorn! This signals a time of transformation, emotional shift, illumination and renewal! New beginnings are indicated with this LUNAR phase, as well as the ability to manifest and attract what we want in our lives! Spiritual and passionate awakenings are emphasized, supporting our personal growth and rejuvenation. However, expect an emotionally excitable and impulsive period as rebellious Uranus is in opposition! Be mindful of jumping to unwarranted conclusions or showing antagonistic behaviour as we’re challenged to release attachments and practice acceptance. Additionally, MERCURY transiting into Scorpio heightens our communications with a fixed, focused and determined mindset! Searching for hidden or deeper meanings, perhaps with a skeptical view, may impede positive thinking. But by eliminating information that doesn’t serve us, we make room for knowledge that will! Lastly, VENUS switches into ambitious Capricorn prompting us to get real, be responsible and master practicality — especially with relationships, finances and business. Greater understanding of who we love and what we value is highlighted as our affections are more sensible and sober! If you’re ready for this *Transformational Trinity* to help elevate your world and raise your souls calling, welcome to NOW! Bountiful Blessings to YOU! *YOU* are loved and appreciated! (The Details: New Moon 12° Scorpio Times : Where are YOU?: New Zealand: 5 Nov 10:15am; New York: 4 Nov 5:15pm; Chicago: 4 Nov 4:15pm; Los Angeles: 4 Nov 2:15pm; Melbourne: 5 Nov 8:15am; Mexico City: 4 Nov 3:15pm; Buenos Aires: 4 Nov 6:15pm; London: 4 Nov 9:15pm; Zurich: 4 Nov 10:15pm; Santorini: 4 Nov 11:15pm; Singapore: 5 Nov 5:15am; Hong Kong: 5 Nov 5;15am; Cape Town: 4 Nov 11:15pm; New Delhi: 5 Nov 2:45am(IST); Moscow: 5 Nov 12:15am; Dubai: 5 Nov 1:15am Venus in Capricorn: now until 7 March 2022; Mercury in Scorpio: 5–6 November until 24–25 November 2021) (image: artcombination) With Warmth, Heart and StarLight, GiGi Astro Sosnoski at



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